What else?

Okay so what else is there to talk about? We’ve been through the game. BTW don’t even think of suggesting I play through it again. Nuh-uh. No way. The game was a little too uninteresting in relation to its length. Don’t get me wrong; it was an awesome game. Great plot. Intuitive game play. Exciting combat system. In-depth dialogue. Overall I really liked this game. I just, with most games I play, am not interested in going through it again. If ever. But I’ve learned a lot from this game in some weird and obscure way. I’ve learned that the side-quests aren’t always as dumb as you may make them out to be. They might actually be necessary in some cases. Games nowadays have a lot more to do with innovative storytelling elements than they have been able to pull off before, and, in a sense, they have always been about telling a story. Whether your playing Mass Effect or Pong……okay maybe not PONGĀ  butttttttt the majority of video games have had some plot to it, or at least a exposition to set everything up. Storytelling is a very important aspect of video games. I’ve said time and time again that I’ve always been the kind of gamer that has invested heavily in the idea of an avatar. For those who aren’t familiar with it, avatar is a non-discriminatory version of the gamer in-game. Many game have a protagonist that does have a name and a face, but I never let that bother me. Games like Zelda have created an avatar that has both; its own persona and a blank slate style about them that makes them great avatars for my style of play. The gamer is compelled to input his own persona into the blank character. In essence, the avatar may take the form of any person the gamer chooses but most people fill in the gaps with themselves. Link has a blank way about him. For example, he doesn’t speak. Ever. This is a huge part of the game. Dialogue. And the main character doesn’t talk. WTF right? But it adds to his blankness just as his appearance does. Link kinda looks like a girl doesn’t he? Hmmm I wonder if that was on accident. Not likely.

To be continued…..

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