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A blank slate is great for putting yourself(being the gamer) into the game. But these characters do have their own distinctive personalities. Going back to Link. In the game he has the Tri-Force Power Courage. He’s a bit rambunctious in his early years and he has golden locks with blue eyes. Not to mention his pointy ears and earrings. He is unique in a way that allows that gamer (you know, the one that plays Link by inserting himself into the game) to actually take hold of that persona and make it his own. I don’t mean replacing it, I mean believing that you(the gamer) are Link, in every sense that Link is you. Almost like playing pretend. The gamer that puts himself into the eyes of the avatar does that anyway so it’s easy to do. You have Link’s characteristics and Link has yours. It’s kind of funny the way it works, but I assure you it does. That’s partly the reason why Zelda is so appealing.

The other side of the game schism (that i have created in the discussion) are your classic heroes/heroines. These games are where storytelling is very important. To be honest, I could go and go and go in a game where I put myself into the character. It’s just my preference. But the characters that have their gaps filled are far more interesting when their creators do a good job making him/her appealing and the plot dynamic enough to keep you involved and engaged. Take the God of War series for example. Amazing game. A little repetitive at times but challenging enough to keep you interested. Kratos is a very developed character so the idea of an avatar in God of War is mostly lost but that honestly doesn’t matter as much because of the badassness of the game. I know that isn’t a very strong argument but have you actually played the game? If not, stop reading and go figure out a way to play it because you’re missing out.

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